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From Deaf author, Austin Chapman

The genre is epic fantasy, set over several generations in a world of floating continents. Airships are kept afloat by burning wax in large balloon sacs on the sides. Humans ride avems (large birds) in everyday life and war. Archorns are all born Deaf. The only traditional ‘magic’ here is the Avia prophecy event that occurs every seven years, a window into the future.

Kenton Lamech, the angel prince, chose castration over joining the military, having his wings sawed off. The fallen prince goes to the largest city state, New Cain, pretending to be a human as he strives to climb royalty's social ladder towards getting his own avem, the chance to fly again.

Aelia Half Riddle, New Cain's royal bastard, struggles to prove herself in the patriarchal society as she dreams of becoming the first female rider.

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